Enhanced Marketing Capabilities

Marketing and customer retention has never been more important than in the current digital age. Our Sport & Recreation management software lets your organization promote your services quickly and professionally with pre-prepared templates and page designs. You can create engaging and relevant marketing materials, send them to your members and receive instant feedback, all using one complete suite of marketing tools.

  • Promote your events, programs and classes virtually
  • Create and post videos, brochures, posters and infographics
  • Interact with your customers to understand them better and boost engagement
  • Create a personalized experience (congratulate individuals on milestone achievements etc.)
  • Save and retain marketing materials and templates for future use

Target Your Customer Base Like Never Before

Marketing is only successful if the right messages are being seen by the right people! With Univerus Sport & Recreation you get to understand your target market better than ever with a variety of reports based on sales, registrations, and more. Use this data to identify patterns and trends, tweaking your campaigns to achieve better member retention.

  • Use data insights to target customers for specific campaigns based on their past interactions with your business
  • The marketing template builder lets you customize our solution to your exact needs
  • Embed links to specific promotions, tailor your themes and instill your company’s personality into every piece of marketing activity

Advanced Marketing Data In Just A Few Clicks

In addition to generating powerful and attention-grabbing marketing materials, you’ll also have the ability to harness critical data relating to your marketing campaigns. Within our Sport & Recreation software platform you’ll have access to valuable marketing insights that can help improve program, event and course offerings as well as the overall quality of service you provide to members.

  • Access detailed insights relating to marketing activities, with valuable feedback that summarizes views, interactions and public opinion
  • Gauge the success of your marketing campaigns and discover how to improve your community engagement

Essential Features

Save Time And Energy

Save valuable time and increase marketing effectiveness by using the platform to automatically send marketing materials to targeted groups of individuals

Cut Costs

Reduce costs by utilizing digital solutions instead of printed marketing materials

Improved Marketing Outcomes

Ensure your marketing materials are seen by sending information directly to customers, boosting visibility and effectiveness

Track Data

Shape future marketing activity by tracking engagement and analyzing customer metrics as they react to your recent campaigns

Desktop And Mobile-Friendly

All marketing materials can be optimized for quality and visibility on both desktop and mobile devices

Save Your Work

Save marketing materials and templates so that they can be updated for use in future campaigns

Four Steps To Perfect Sport and Recreation Management


Book a demo with our team to better understand why Univerus Sport & Recreation is the perfect tool for your organization


Submit an RFP to secure your organization's very own membership management application


Work with our team to fully customize membership software for your specific business needs


Create a strong partnership with us and utilize the Univerus Sport & Recreation platform to improve efficiency and service standards across the board