Automated Financial Tracking

Univerus Sport & Recreation management software gives you access to sales, refund history, and price adjustment data, automatically creating reports to save you time and effort.

  • Track general ledgers directly through the POS system
  • Monitor individual and group payment history and recurring payments
  • Review and authorize refunds directly through the platform

Powerful Financial Reporting Capabilities

Having insightful financial reports at your fingertips means you can continually evaluate processes in an effort to improve your bottom line. Our detailed finance and reporting tools save payment history from each member and POS terminal, allowing your organization to develop auto-generated reports in just a few clicks.

  • Auto-generate accounting reports that help you analyze your revenue cycle
  • Create true sub-ledgers for external and internal use
  • Generate sales reports that help identify strengths and potential areas of improvement

Essential Features

Time Filters

View and save payment and accounting information – filter by day, week, month, or year


Make your accounting process quick and straightforward by allowing our software to create financial reports directly from POS history

Member Payment Tracking

Generate reports that analyze each member’s registration and payment history

Multi-Location Management

Produce multi-location accounting reports and compare facility payment records

Organizational Sharing

Share all accounting data and reports across your organization to keep colleagues in different departments up to date


Safely store all financial reports within a secure web-based membership management system

Four Steps To Perfect Sport and Recreation Management


Book a demo with our team to better understand why Univerus Sport & Recreation is the perfect tool for your organization


Submit an RFP to secure your organization's very own membership management application


Work with our team to fully customize membership software for your specific business needs


Create a strong partnership with us and utilize the Univerus Sport & Recreation platform to improve efficiency and service standards across the board