Staff-Led Scheduling

Let your employees manage their work schedules in harmony within one shared platform. They’ll be able to view personalized schedules and trade shifts online with other workers, setting up reminders to make sure they turn up on time. The system can also be used to share notes and business updates with all staff members so that everyone has access to the relevant information.

  • Users can view their own personalized schedule or take a look at the master version to see who they will be working with
  • Workers can submit availability info online for everyone to see and trade shifts if required
  • Employees will receive an email reminder before their shift is due to start
  • Staff can share notes and view announcements through an online portal
  • Employee homepage provides quick access to training materials, links and other reference materials

Automate Your Schedule Management

As an employer, you’ll benefit from the same features as your staff, and a few more besides. With Univerus Sport & Recreation, you have total control of scheduling as well as an overview of shift change requests. Our business platform software is particularly useful for adjusting payroll in line with shift pattern changes to ensure everyone gets paid the right amount.

  • Post an entire staff schedule online, with instant changes
  • Automate your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll based on the information recorded
  • Access historical schedules
  • Post announcements, links and files online for staff to view or download
  • Collect and search employees’ work availability
  • Review availability for special staff events (training, conferences, social events etc.)
  • Post important phone numbers on the contact list (emergency numbers, after-hours contact info etc.)
  • Centralize the collection of employee information and store it securely within the system (phone numbers, address, staff numbers etc.)
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Custom Reporting Solutions

Univerus Sport & Recreation allows your organization to collect scheduling data and produce reports relating to worker shift patterns. This makes it easy to assess your workforce’s reliability and flexibility when planning future schedules.

  • Rank staff based on availability
  • Track the number of work hours scheduled for individuals and teams – useful when managing wage budgets
  • Stay up to date with staff shift trades in real time

Essential Features

Instant Schedule Updates

Let the system track and update schedules in real time as staff trade shifts online

Data Tracking

Monitor employee schedule data and analyze shift patterns – useful for budgeting

Automated Payroll

Automate payroll processes in line with scheduling data to ensure staff get paid for the exact hours they’ve worked

Multi-Platform Functionality

Our cloud-based business management software applications allow every staff member to access the same information from anywhere using a web-enabled device


Interact with colleagues by sending reminders, notifications and messages at any time


All user information is safely stored within the software in line with data security protocols

Four Steps To Perfect Sport and Recreation Management


Book a demo with our team to better understand why Univerus Sport & Recreation is the perfect tool for your organization


Submit an RFP to secure your organization's very own membership management application


Work with our team to fully customize membership software for your specific business needs


Create a strong partnership with us and utilize the Univerus Sport & Recreation platform to improve efficiency and service standards across the board