Managing Customer Profiles With Ease And Efficiency

Univerus Sport & Recreation has number of solutions to make every one of your customers feel like the top priority! Our state-of-the-art Sport & Recreation software platform makes navigating member information easier than ever before. From expiry reminders through to ID card printing and door access integration, our system takes the hassle out of running a business. Whether you’re servicing a single member or a large group, member sign ups and payment will be fast and effortless. 

  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate membership management application 
  • Auto-generated reports that help you understand your members 
  • Ability to send users (internal and external) non-intrusive notifications and reminders 
  • Photo management and ID Card Printing for an all in one solution. 

Online Client Profile Management

Reduce complications, while saving time and energy by giving your members and customers direct access to their own information through the Univerus Sport & Recreation public portal. Your clients will have the ability to browse and purchase memberships and passes online at any time. 

  • Cloud-based software allows members to manage their own profiles and purchases from anywhere 
  • Ability to add/manage family members to each accounts for group pass purchasing and visits 
  • View and Print receipts and purchase history at any time, self serve 

Essential Features

Online Registration

Members can view availability and course schedules online at any time

Dashboard Management

Use our easy-to-navigate dashboards to track memberships, payments, and drop-in fee information


Send automated reminders to individuals about upcoming expiry dates for their passes.

Member History

View member purchase history and receipts

Linked Accounts

Create relationships between users for family members, and/or legal guardians to simplify group purchases.


Once saved, all membership and program planning data is kept in a secure storage system

Four Steps To Perfect Sport and Recreation Management


Book a demo with our team to better understand why Univerus Sport & Recreation is the perfect tool for your organization


Submit an RFP to secure your organization's very own membership management application


Work with our team to fully customize membership software for your specific business needs


Create a strong partnership with us and utilize the Univerus Sport & Recreation platform to improve efficiency and service standards across the board