Athlete Portal

Our web-based Sport & Recreation management platform makes it easy for athletes to complete the registration process and manage their account information. Participants will have access to an online portal where they can create an account, register for a team or club, and submit all the necessary forms.

  • Manage athlete communication – coaches and administrators are able to send emails and text messages using our application
  • System automatically prevents duplicate registration – athletes can register for multiple teams and clubs
  • Electronically sign-off on waivers and consent forms (customized)
  • Self-serve account system – reduces staff involvement

Coach Portal

Coaches will benefit from their own secure site, where they can access shared rosters, game sheets, travel plans, announcements and policy updates. Our club registration software also makes it easy to collect personal details and share waivers or consent forms that can be completed and submitted online to speed up the sign-up process.

  • Manage communication – coaches and administrators are able to send emails and text messages using our application
  • Share files, links, policies and announcements with your coaches through a secure portal
  • Coaches can sign and submit waivers and consent forms online
  • Process travel requests
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Admin Tools

Admin staff can save time by using our Sport & Recreation management software applications to manage and share athlete information from one easy-to-use interface. The system gives administrators the ability to filter athlete databases and check profiles for required information. Comments can be added along with file attachments – all which can be shared across business departments as necessary.

  • Manage athlete profiles – add notes, attach files and amend status (medical, academic, CCES etc.)
  • Searchable database – filter by sport, athlete name, email, student number, roster, or status
  • Interactive dashboard for analyzing athlete information
  • Track attendance
  • Import information from external sources (including CCES, U Sports and other registration software)

Essential Features


Coaches and athletes can use mobile devices to access our platform – anytime, anywhere

Data Security

All coach and athlete information is housed in a high-security data storage facility


Import data from numerous sources to simplify your membership management process

Member Dashboards

Analyze data and co-ordinate activities based on the information extracted

Schedules & Results

Manage schedules and results – uploading them to the system along with associated documentation

Travel Tracking

Create and update travel records and store all the related documents (transport and hotel confirmation, travel party lists, etc.) in one secure place


Participants have the freedom to register their own details on the system

Coach & Athlete Portals

Create a homepage where athletes and coaches can access shared files and update their information

Four Steps To Perfect Sport and Recreation Management


Book a demo with our team to better understand why Univerus Sport & Recreation is the perfect tool for your organization


Submit an RFP to secure your organization's very own membership management application


Work with our team to fully customize membership software for your specific business needs


Create a strong partnership with us and utilize the Univerus Sport & Recreation platform to improve efficiency and service standards across the board