June 23rd, 2022 – Victoria, BC – Village of Carmacks, Yukon Chooses Book King Software 

The Village of Carmacks will be using the Book King platform to manage its Parks & Recreation operations. 

Carmacks sits in the center of the spectacular Yukon wilderness, approximately 180 kilometers north of Whitehorse on the Klondike Highway. The village is steeped in history – serving as a rest stop for indigenous people travelling along the nearby trade route, before being rediscovered during the Klondike Gold Rush thousands of years later. 

While only around 500 people live there all-year-round, visitors from all over the region come to Carmacks to enjoy the local attractions and recreational activities it has to offer. The Yukon and Nordenskiold rivers provide excellent fishing spots and there are several picturesque hiking trails dotted throughout the area. 

The village’s recreation and fitness centers act as a hub for a number of activities, and the recent addition of a state-of-art indoor arena has seen the municipality’s Parks & Recreation department become busier than ever. Book King’s intuitive Membership Management and Point of Sale modules will enable them to easily track member activity while also offering an online fee payment option. 

“The Book King system will assist with the day-to-day operational management of our municipal fitness center and recreation department, while also allowing us to track facility usage data,” comments Matthew Cybulski, Recreation Director for the Village of Carmacks. 

Matthew and his team opted for Book King software due to its comprehensive recreation management features, customizable interface, and flexible pricing. The department is very much looking forward to implementing the mobile-friendly platform having previously used manual membership management methods that are no longer fit for purpose. 

Historically, the Carmacks Parks & Recreation team would manage memberships through a combination of excel spreadsheets, hand-written records, and printed membership cards that were unable to facilitate data analysis. 

This meant that the organization’s tracking system was extremely inconsistent. With no programming or user analytics available, it had become very difficult for them to stay in control of membership retention outcomes.  

With digital membership profiles and automated communication methods now at their disposal, staff will be able to keep up-to-date with member activity and automatically distribute messages regarding upcoming programs and membership expiries. 

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