Unveiling the Game Plan: Univerus Sport & Rec 2024 Roadmap Revealed 

As we step into the year of 2024, we are thrilled to share our roadmap that will guide our vision and the development of our products this year! This year’s roadmap continues our commitment to continual improvement of our products. We’ve been listening to you over the course of the year and your feedback is at the heart of our plans!

Let’s jump in and see what we have in store:

  • Custom Reports & Data Export for Registration Data: A new reporting feature which will allow clients to select fields from athlete’s registration data in order to export and generate on screen reports. This is intended to make getting your data more flexible and efficient. 
  • Team Calendars: Team Calendars is a brand-new way for administrators and coaches to organize and communicate with your athletes. Keep events in one place and allow your athlete to upload their class schedule so you get instant feedback on when to schedule a key meeting or practice on one screen. This feature aims to help coaches save time and reduce scheduling conflicts. 
  • Travel Module: Exciting News! In response to your feedback, the Travel Module is set to receive significant enhancements in 2024. We’re addressing your most consistent requests by improving workflow, reports, introducing a schedule upload, and enhancing overall travel management. Stay tuned for more details later in the year, with an anticipated late summer launch—perfectly timed for the upcoming season! 
  • Communication Hub: Our communication tools will be a focus this year and we’ll be introducing a “Communication Hub” – a unified platform merging our SMS and email tools. Easily send personalized messages or reminders to athletes and coaches, selecting recipients based on rosters, groups, metrics, or coaching streams. Save message templates for quick reuse. Coaches will also get access to these more robust tools to improve communication to their teams. 

Other initiatives to look forward to in Univerus Sport 

  • Athlete Profile: This improvement will make athlete profiles more comprehensive showing multiple seasons and details. This feature is setting the foundation for the entire athlete-life cycle. 
  • Season Roll Over Tool: A fantastic addition to last year’s ‘Coaches Customization’ and correlating to Athlete Profile. This tool will make creating a new season easy by carrying over the structures that matter the most from previous year.
  • Custom Forms: Our custom forms functionality will allow users to create customized forms for various purposes like exit interviews, mid-year requests of athletes, etc. With this update, users will be able to collect customized data more efficiently from their student-athletes. 
  • High School Sport Zone: In late winter 2024, we will begin making structural improvements to High School Sport Zone to modernize the code base and set the table for final integration into out Univerus Sport system. We believe once this happens, our High School Sport Zone customers will be able to start to take advantage of the architecture in our product to unlock a new realm of possibility. This will be a fundamental change but one which should set the table for future improvements for High School Sport Zone customers and users.

  • Responsive/Mobile Friendly General Public Site: Our commitment to an improved customer experience remains and last year our team has laid the groundwork for an enhanced responsive/mobile-friendly design. Your customers will be able to easily access our features on any device – from phones to tablets. Anticipate changes in the upcoming months, beginning with our revamped Registration module, followed by updates to our Facility Scheduling and Membership modules as the year progresses. Get ready for a top-notch mobile friendly browsing experience. 
  • Bookable Spaces Engine: Also, a carryover from last year, but still a top priority on our to-do list! This feature empowers you to reserve Marina Slips, Campgrounds, Parking, Lockers, and Vendor Spaces. Offering flexible booking options and seamless integration with our Public Website, securing your perfect space will be convenient, taking our facility management to new heights. Stay tuned for an upgraded booking experience!
  • Financial Enhancements: We’ve already been making changes in this area at the end of last year, but we aim to make significant improvements overall to increase accuracy, efficiency, and transparency of your financial records. We also will introduce dedicated support for cash receipting along with backdating transactions. New reporting options will complement these items providing enhanced insights into your financial landscape.
  • Notifications & Communication Improvements: Get ready for a notification overhaul this year! We’re introducing direct SMS support to enhance customer communication. Internal notifications are also getting a facelift with improved alerts for administrators, covering course and membership limits, signed document confirmations, and facility rental reminders. Client-facing notifications will now include personalized touches such as birthday greetings and timely reminders, and you can also attach documents for added convenience. These changes aim to elevate your clients’ journey, contributing to an enhanced overall customer experience when interacting with you. 

Other items to look forward to in Univerus Rec 

  • Unlock employee scheduling with our iWork Integration: While we’ve already initiated cosmetic updates to integrate iWork into Univerus Rec for employee scheduling, our focus this year is to establish a foundation for iWork as a employee scheduling module within Univerus Rec. Achieving a seamless login and refreshing iWork to match Univerus Rec is our goal along with retiring the legacy version of iWork 

Customize Your Experience: Explore Tailored Development Requests
Don’t see a report or a special workflow on our Roadmap? Want to to customize our software to meet your specific needs? We’re happy to discuss it with you and see if we can make it a reality for you sooner. Contact our sales team via e-mail sportrec@univerus.com, or better yet, set up a short 15 minute meeting with us and we can talk with you about specific projects which will help impact your daily workflow. 

Future Roadmaps: Share Your Ideas for Our Development Plans
Your feedback is crucial in defining our future development!  If you have any ideas for new features or improvements that are not in our roadmap, please take a moment to fill out this form and share them with us.  Also don’t miss our annual User Conferences offering a face-to face chance to meet directly with our team.  Share your challenges and successes in using our products and we’ll be there listening, ready to incorporate your insights into our future development plans.  Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and we can’t wait to hear from you in 2024.

We hope this roadmap gives you a better idea of what to expect from Univerus Sport & Recreation in 2024. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@univerussport.com. 





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