Remote League Management Functions

Our customized league management software is designed to improve the flow of information between coaches, league convenors, players, parents, and the media. Our web-based system is focused on streamlining communication and management processes, allowing for seamless access to schedules, scores, and other important league information. Try our powerful software today and experience the convenience of efficient league management

  • Create leagues, team schedules and enter scores with ease while updating your general public website in one simple action
  • Make schedule or location changes while updating everyone that needs to know instantly
  • Update coaches, parents and fans with text message, email or Twitter updates

Interactive Team Updates

Looking for a comprehensive league management solution that requires no technical expertise? Our software has got you covered! With easy-to-use schedule entry tools and viewable/printable schedules, managing your league has never been easier.

  • Customize access levels and settings based on your league’s specific needs
  • Schedule any type of league or tournament (all sports, abilities and age groups) without restrictions
  • Take advantage of features like updated standings, past champions, league documents areas, maps to game locations, news bulletins, and archived standings/scores from previous years.

Essential Features


Easily schedule games, add locations, and assign opponents, all from one centralized dashboard. Plus, the information automatically updates to the web, so you and your fans always have access to the latest game schedule.

Real Time Score Reporting

As soon as the score is recorded, the standings and schedule will be automatically updated, and the system will send out notifications via email or tweet to ensure that your league members and fans are always in the loop.

General Public Website

Showcase your schedule, results and more information on a customized public website with your own domain name

Manage From Anywhere

Stay on top of your league Pages - Track and update from any device, anytime, anywhere!"

Automated Updates

Your users can stay in the game with our automated updates. Get league schedules, results and more delivered to your phone, tablet or calendar. Sign up and never miss a score again!

Customized Leagues

Tailor your league to your needs! Customized access levels and settings with our flexible software. Control user access and configure league settings to give you full control over your sports community.

Four Steps To Perfect Sport and Recreation Management


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Work with our team to fully customize membership software for your specific business needs


Create a strong partnership with us and utilize the Univerus Sport & Recreation platform to improve efficiency and service standards across the board