Univerus Sport and Recreation is pleased to share the news of our recent partnership with The Town of Deseronto, a lovely community situated in Ontario’s Hastings County, where the Napanee River meets the Bay of Quinte on the northern shores of Lake Ontario.

Distinguished for offering a refreshing departure from conventional attractions, Deseronto stands as a haven for those seeking a unique blend of tranquility and access to a plethora of both rural and urban amenities. Univerus Sport and Recreation is honored to play a pivotal role in enhancing the town’s recreational infrastructure through the implementation of our Facility Scheduling software.

Selected by The Town of Deseronto to streamline facility scheduling and optimize point-of-sale processes, our platform reflects the town’s commitment to efficient resource management and providing a seamless experience for both residents and visitors.

Joining partners like The Municipality of Centre Hastings, and The Town of Inuvik, Deseronto exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to community development.

For more insights into The Town of Deseronto, explore their official website at https://www.deseronto.ca/.

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