Univerus Sport and Recreation is thrilled to announce its exciting new collaboration with The Municipality of North Perth. Nestled in the northern reaches of Perth County, this vibrant community, boasting over 15,500 residents, seamlessly combines the charm of rural living with the conveniences of urban amenities in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Recognized for its commitment to delivering top-notch services, preserving small-town allure, and fostering economic growth, North Perth has become a beacon for residents, businesses, and industries alike.

Univerus Sport & Recreation is pleased to contribute significantly to the town’s recreational infrastructure by introducing the Univerus Rec management suite. The Municipality of North Perth has chosen our comprehensive suite of Recreational programming, reflecting their commitment to enhancing and streamlining recreational services for their community.

North Perth now joins an esteemed league of forward-thinking partners, aligning itself with institutions such as The Municipality of Centre Hastings, and The Town of Inuvik, among other notable collaborators.

For more in-depth information about The Municipality of North Perth, we invite you to explore their official website at https://www.northperth.ca/en/index.aspx.

To learn more about Univerus Rec Management Suite, visit our website at univerussportandrecreation.com. Join us in revolutionizing recreational experiences and fostering community engagement.

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