Keeping Your Organization, Organized

Whether you’re in the public or private sector, our customizable Sport & Recreation management software solutions give you the edge over the competition. Our software’s features allow you to maintain efficient day-to-day operations while providing unrivalled online customer service.

Our Products:

– Coach & Athlete Registration & Data Management
– Athlete Compliance & Eligibility
– Travel, Scholarship Tracking
– White label portals for Athletes, Coaches, Staff
– League, Games and Results Management
– Association and Governing Body Management

– Facility Scheduling
– Program Registration
– Membership Management
– Employee Scheduling
– Public Access
– Point of Sale

Univerus Sport and Recreation has begun transitioning our brands to our new product management suites brands. Former brands like Athlete Information System (AIS or AIMS) and High School Sport Zone products will now be a part of the Univerus Sport management suite.  The former Book King and iWork brands will be included in the Univerus management suite. While our branding is changing, our products and our commitment to our customers will remain the same.