All good businesses are customer-centric. Building trust and satisfaction with the customer base is critical to long-term success, and the best way to do this is to provide them with the best possible experience throughout every interaction.

For Sport & Recreation organizations, effective customer engagement, account management and event registration are all key to creating exceptional customer experiences. Find out how Univerus Sport & Recreation software can simplify these processes and keep participants coming back for more.


Interact with customers


Effective communication is pivotal to any customer relationship, but it can be difficult to get it right when there are so many other operational tasks to complete.

Univerus Sport & Recreation software puts facility managers directly in touch with members, allowing them to send messages and alerts as required. The mobile app even features social media integration, making it easier than ever to notify existing and potential customers about upcoming courses, programs, and events.

The Univerus Sport & Recreation platform also enables organizations to gather community feedback to better understand member needs and improve future interactions. Management teams can create surveys and questionnaires for community members to complete online or via the mobile app. Member sentiment can be tracked in real time, with auto-generated reports available through a single interactive dashboard.


Allow easy access to account information


Mobile technology puts customers in the driving seat, giving them 24/7 access to their account information from any web-enabled device.

Univerus Sport & Recreation offers a convenient mobile app that simplifies payment and registration, while also allowing members to sign up for multiple courses at once. Guests can check themselves in for their scheduled activity with just a few clicks.

It is family-friendly too. Family members can link their accounts to facilitate group registration for future activities. Parents can also use the app to sync their recreational courses with daycare bookings, giving them one less thing to co-ordinate.


Facilitate hassle-free registration and payment


To make life as easy as possible for customers and members, recreational facilities should aim to make registration and payment as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Univerus Sport & Recreation allows participants to register and pay from anywhere in the world, online or via the mobile app. Users can sign up for programs, RSVP to events, and reserve drop-in spots at any time in just a few clicks.

Program organizers can send instant reminders to members so that they never miss an activity and stay up to date with payments.

Moving these processes online reduces the need for in-person transactions, making wait times a thing of the past.


Make event ticketing as convenient as possible


If customers are paying to attend an event, they expect the purchase process to a smooth one. The Univerus Sport & Recreation mobile app makes it possible for individuals to purchase tickets online and save them digitally on their phone for ultimate convenience.

As well as selling tickets and tracking event schedules, organizers can engage with members through mobile app notifications and social media integration.



The Univerus Sport & Recreation management app ensures that customers have a hassle-free experience each and every time they interact with your organization. By maintaining consistent, customer-centric processes, facility managers can build long-lasting relationships with their member base.

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