The last twelve months and counting have uprooted much of our understanding of day-to-day reality, as many of our lives suddenly became more distanced and isolated than ever before. The last year brought with it a work-from-home era, relocating countless office workers to set up shop elsewhere. If you are a recreational or professional facility that rents out various equipment or workspaces to your customer base, you have probably noticed a shift in activity since the beginning of the pandemic.

Read on for our insights into how these particular sectors have changed as a result of the remote work era, and how certain features of member management software can help smooth the transition.

Coworking Office Spaces

One of the biggest predecessors to the work-from-home era was the coworking space trend. Teams without physical offices or remote workers seeking a change of scenery flocked to these cooperative spaces, co-existing in a shared space full of different professionals in the area. Of course, in the early days of the pandemic, many of these spaces were forced to close temporarily in order to comply with social distancing measures; the collaborative, open nature of most coworking spaces and the high traffic of people coming and going was not sustainable.

However, with so many people now working fully remote, some have found that specifically working from home may not be the most productive, especially those working around their spouses or children. In response to this, many facilities that rent out workspaces have done their best to adapt to demand while staying within regulations.

While specific restrictions vary between regions, some coworking spaces have begun to open up again – with social distancing measures in place, of course. Implementing time limits on desks, ensuring frequent cleaning and having users spaced out as much as possible have all contributed to an amended operational style.

Equipment Rentals

With an increased number of people spending more time than ever at home with remote work, there has been an upswing in the material possessions one needs in their home to be as productive as they would normally be. Whether that means renting exercise equipment, office supplies, or something else – no matter what type of equipment you are renting out, the upswing in “work from homers” has likely affected your business.

Various facilities have seen the remote work era as an opportunity instead of a threat. While some fitness facilities have remained closed to in-person use, others have begun renting out their exercise equipment to patrons seriously missing the gym. Not only does this help provide a positive user experience for your customer base, but it can also help boost revenue when in-person activities are limited.

The way that companies respond in these trying times are what customers will remember once everything returns to normal. Crafting creative solutions when people need them the most will soon be the mark on which facilities will survive these uncertain months.

How Member Management Software Can Help

Many of these facilities that host workers or rent various types of equipment have been allowed to resume operations, but typically with restrictions to ensure safety at all stages. In addition to complying with various lingering pandemic restrictions, there are a number of ways that member management software can help business owners mitigate some of the headache.

When it comes to renting out desk space, knowing exactly who has used an area, when they used it and for how long is absolutely crucial in ensuring the cleanliness and usability of shared spaces. Using the Univerus Member Management software, members can easily book space and times over the phone, online or through the app, limiting in-person contact as much as possible. They can then use the software to receive booking confirmations, reminders and more, so everyone is kept in the loop.

The same sentiment applies to equipment rentals – facility owners can post and track availability of equipment schedules, payments and other information with ease using the Univerus Member Management software. Knowing exactly who has handled the equipment and for how long is critical in order to keep the next user safe and to avoid any potential cross-contamination.

Managing our new normal is not something that we are bound to figure out overnight, but it is important to keep your head up! Univerus Member Management is committed to finding solutions for various recreational facilities and the products they use to serve their customer bases, as we continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.