Anyone who is looking to kick-start a new fitness routine should get their kit in order first to ensure the best chance of success. Focusing on the basics can make a big difference to both performance and enjoyment.

Here’s a list of sportswear essentials that should be in everyone’s wardrobe.




Start from the ground up with a versatile pair of gym shoes. Lightweight and breathable, this option guarantees cushioned support and maneuverability when training. Although designed primarily for indoor use, gym shoes are also suitable for a number of outdoor activities.

While gym shoes are a must-have, anyone looking to run longer distances should invest in purpose-built running shoes. Besides the obvious task of finding shoes that are comfortable and fit well, it is also important that runners choose a pair that support their gait (running style) – this means giving them a trial run on a treadmill if possible.



Shorts / Pants


Shorts are the obvious choice for most activities as they are breathable and allow plenty of unrestricted movement. However, activewear such as tights, leggings, and jogging pants are perfect for those that prefer to keep their legs a bit warmer. They are normally manufactured using stretchy, sweat-wicking fabrics to ensure maximum comfort, no matter how energetic things get.


T-Shirts / Vests


Whether it is long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless, any top that is going to be worn while exercising should be made from the right material.

Cotton shirts and vests need to be avoided. Although natural cotton is soft on the skin, it is also prone to absorbing moisture – sweat-soaked cotton shirts can become heavy, smelly, and uncomfortable pretty quickly.

Tech t-shirts and vests are a much better option due to their lightweight polyester construction that helps the wearer stay cool and comfortable during exercise. They are quick-drying too, so they can be washed and ready to go in no time at all.




When venturing outdoors, it is important to stay warm and dry without overheating the body or inhibiting movement.

On colder days, it is important to choose something warm, stretchy, and breathable. Active fleece jackets are ideal for layering as they are surprisingly cozy despite their lightweight construction.

When rain is forecast, a water-resistant jacket is a must. Unfortunately, the majority of standard rain jackets are restrictive and poorly ventilated. Therefore, individuals getting active outdoors should look at getting a windbreaker or running jacket. These types of jackets act as a lightweight outer shell, protecting the wearer from the elements while keeping them cool and comfortable. The best performing jackets will feature mesh fabrics in certain areas (usually underarms) to provide ample ventilation.

Anyone who is running or cycling on the roads should also invest in a reflective or high-visibility outer layer that can be worn in low light conditions.



Although it is nice to be out exercising in the sunshine, it is important to shield the face from its glare. A simple baseball cap not only makes it easier to see in through the brightness, but it also protects the face from damaging UV rays.

In winter, holding on to body heat is essential. Since a lot of heat escapes from the head, a well-insulated hat is certainly worth including on the kit list. A thick wool hat is not what is needed here though. There are cold weather running hats available that are constructed from lightweight polyester and feature ventilation panels to prevent the head from becoming too sweaty. This typically involves a thinner top section with insulation instead focused around the ears – an area that is particularly susceptible to the cold.

It goes without saying that skaters and bike riders should always wear a helmet. For the best protection, it is best to choose a helmet that features MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System).



Of course, these items are the bare essentials, there are many other more specialized products available depending on the activity in question. However, it is important to research sport-specific clothing and equipment before making a purchase. This allows a decision to be made based on requirement versus cost.



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