Improving fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is harder than it looks. It requires a great deal of discipline and perseverance, so it is unsurprising that so many people turn to experts in order to achieve their goals.

Personal training sessions are as popular as ever, but is enlisting the help of a PT always the best option?

Consider the alternatives before taking the plunge.


Setting objectives


Individuals need to be clear regarding what they want to achieve as it will shape their fitness plan going forward. Motivations vary – some people will exercise to lose weight, whereas others want to increase strength, speed, and stamina.

Personal Trainers can certainly help set and achieve such targets, but ultimately, individuals are responsible for their own physical wellbeing. While regular PT sessions might be worthwhile in order to accomplish ambitious, time-limited objectives, it is unlikely that anyone with modest goals will need to invest in this level of support.

It is sensible to analyze the cost vs. benefit based on personal circumstances. After all, a lot of money can be saved by going it alone.


Explore online options


In-person training programs can be expensive and logistically challenging, making home-based exercise a more attractive proposition for some people. The last couple of years have accelerated the growth of online workouts – training virtually with a Personal Trainer significantly cuts costs.

The internet is also a good place to find workout videos and fitness plans. Mobile apps and other online resources have made it easier than ever to integrate physical training into everyday life.

In recent years, technology has advanced to reach the point where it is possible to connect at-home gym equipment to virtual classes led by personal trainers. Whether it is a treadmill, bike or floor exercises, participants can join a live stream and complete a group workout from the comfort of their own home.



Train with a friend


It can be hard to replace the motivation and accountability that comes with working alongside a Personal Trainer. However, exercising with a friend or group of friends can provide a much-needed boost, especially on days when personal morale is low.

Bringing social aspects to proceedings will also increase the fun factor – something that is hard to replicate in a PT session.


Play sports


Another way to get fit while enjoying social interaction is to find sports to get involved with. Team games in particular can be much more engaging than gym-based activities.

With so many options out there, finding something to match personal ability and fitness levels should be an easy task, with plenty of opportunities to advance as fitness improves.

Some organized sports teams will have coaches involved too, so in many cases, it also is possible to learn new techniques and be held accountable for performance.


Personal Trainer


Although there are many alternatives, it is important to remember that Personal Trainers are professionals committed to achieving the best results for clients. Their reputation depends on it.

Their service often goes beyond instructional exercise. A good Personal Trainer will also develop at-home fitness and nutrition plans to provide clients with all the tools they need in order to hit the targets they’ve been set.

The PT experience can be daunting one for some. Anyone who feels uncomfortable with a one-on-one training scenario should consider group sessions. Not only do participants benefit from the same expert instruction, but they also get to create a sense of camaraderie with fellow class members – something that can motivate them to achieve ambitious goals.

Individuals can also overcome their PT hesitancy by adopting a ‘try before you buy’ approach. Many Personal Trainers will offer trial sessions before requiring clients to make a long-term commitment.


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