Staying active has proven to be a great combatant of the quarantine blues. During the pandemic, physical health and fitness activities skyrocketed, in facilities, outdoors and at home. Fuelled in equal parts by a desire to stay sane and by having more free time to devote to exercise, the fitness movement is one that has been heard around the world. However, life can still get in the way, and commitments can’t always be kept, especially during this uncertain time.

Whether customers are interested in trying a variety of different fitness classes, can’t necessarily commit to the same time every week, or have another complication in which regular classes are not a viable option, drop-in classes are an excellent alternative to offer. Flexibility and compassion are two of the most important pillars to uphold as a business, and the solutions that you provide for your members are what will define and differentiate you from your competitors long after the pandemic has subsided.

Here are some of the top benefits to drop-in classes, and how features of your member management software can help.

Drop-In Classes Are More Flexible by Nature

If customers are new to a certain activity and are not yet sure if they enjoy it, drop-in classes offer the flexibility and variety many of us crave during these somewhat mundane times. Perhaps customers want to go to a yoga class this week and a spin class the next to try something new. Whatever their particular reasoning may be, customers can attend a number of different classes at your facility at their own pace and with a low level of commitment with drop-in classes.

The accessibility and accommodation that drop-in classes provide is reflective of the high-level customer service which will set businesses apart in the long run. Small operations that are able to offer some level of flexibility without it damaging their level of service or cash flow are encouraged to do so. Moreover, every facility is bound to have their own class and membership parameters which they would like to enforce. For this reason, a highly configurable member management software is critical for designing drop-in programs.

Money Well Spent

In an age where circumstances seemingly change by the minute, it can be difficult to commit to an entire multi-class course or recurring event program series. Especially if parents have suddenly been tasked with hectic schedules or more time spent caring for their children, signing up for a multi-class course can often mean good money down the drain. And if these are the only options available, customers may be deterred from registering for classes at all.

Drop-in courses help to curb this predicament, allowing customers to purchase classes that they know they will actually be able to attend. This not only results in fewer no-shows, which your instructors will appreciate, but it also means that your customers won’t feel like they have wasted their money, which will definitely put you in their good books!

A credit option, such as the one offered by Univerus Member Management, makes the payment process even easier. Rather than buying a punch card or pass, customers can load funds onto their membership account and every time they sign up for a drop-in class, funds are taken from that account. Having the freedom to load an account credit with however much they want is a feature that customers will value. Simplified procedures like these are always welcomed, and in the post-COVID era, the more interactions that can be made contactless, the better.

Multi-Use Memberships

Drop-in classes are also an attractive option for parents or family members who decide to sign up for something at the last minute because another member of their family has taken one. For example, parents that want to take a drop-in yoga class but need someone to watch their kids during that hour, drop-in classes provide the option of signing them up for a class of their own at the same time – or vice versa.

Family account management is a feature that has undeniable benefits for drop-in classes. Using a software which includes everyone from a family on the same account is helpful for a number of reasons. First, it prevents customers from having to keep track of multiple sets of account information. Second, it organizes all classes, schedules and availability for all family members in one place, as well as sends notifications and reminders for everyone’s programs. And third, credits which are loaded into an account can be applied to any family member’s class. User-friendliness has always been at the top of virtually every customer’s list – and our member management software has this box checked.

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