The Municipality of West Grey serves a community of young families and “active agers” who rely on municipally owned spaces to host events like weddings, hockey games, and art shows. Prior to their partnership with Univerus Sport & Recreation and Duuo by Co-operators, booking events was a two-step process for its community members:

  • Step 1: Contact West Grey to secure an event space.
  • Step 2: Contact your insurance provider and secure the necessary insurance.

We spoke with Kevin Eccles, the Mayor of West Grey, and Kodey Hewlett, West Grey’s Corporate and Community Initiatives Officer, who shared their thoughts on how the full- service event solution from Univerus and Duuo has benefitted their community.
Kodey Hewlett shares,

“What we really like about the Univerus Rec platform is its build-what-you-want, scalable software capabilities.” Adding, “Univerus knows that one size does not fit all, so they built our platform to the number of facilities and recreation programs offered by our municipality.”

Additionally, the West Grey team struggled to collect proof of insurance (and cancellation alerts) from their facility renters. They explored other municipalities’ various insurance solutions and found that Duuo by Co-operators was a natural fit for its facilities’ requirements while also providing preferred pricing for their community members.
 The idea of the need for a full-service event solution for the Municipality of West Grey came from a casual conversation Kodey had with a community member while walking her through the previous booking process. From there, Univerus sought out Duuo for its embedded insurance solution, and the rest is history!

Launched last year, Duuo’s event insurance integration with Univerus has streamlined and simplified how West Grey’s client’s book and manage their events.
Available as an add-on service for all Univerus Rec platform clients, this partnership leverages over 75 years of insurance expertise from Co-operators, along with best-in-class technology that enhances how users experience the Univerus platform.

Kevin Eccles adds,

“Incorporating insurance choices during the booking process guarantees that participants are protected in the event of accidents or liabilities. This enhances safety and risk management, which is advantageous for both residents and the municipality.”

With Duuo’s event insurance embedded in the Univerus software platform, West Grey is automatically notified when someone purchases or cancels a policy on theplatform, making it much easier to manage insurance information. Kodey has also received positive feedback from community members expressing that many are enjoying the simplicity of a one-stop shop solution. With 24/7 access to booking facilities and event insurance at their own leisure, they no longer have to worry about
trying to connect with West Grey staff during office hours

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